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High School Schedule Focus Group In . . .

October 2, 2023

MCCSC is continuing to advance our work in creating a common high school schedule. Today, we hope to reiterate past communication related to this effort and provide an update as to the expecte . . .

About Us

Unionville Elementary School was built in 1921 as a result of a grassroots community effort to expand education opportunities to the youth in Unionville. This movement is evidence of the long standing support for education in the area. Strong community support has remained a constant characteristic of this small school, which houses around 220 students. This small and supportive environment creates fertile ground for growing well known, connected, engaged, and high performing students.The Unionville faculty and staff believe the world needs: 1) inhabitants with a deep connection, respect, and appreciation for nature, 2) people who are problem solvers, experienced in using technology and creativity to generate solutions and to communicate with stakeholders, and 3) individuals who integrate health and wellness into their lives. The Unionville faculty and staff work to create a place where the lines between indoor and outdoor education are blurred. Students gain new perspectives related to their place in the world and their role in the learning environment. Unionville Elementary faculty and staff see their school as a model for other schools seeking to integrate and combine the philosophies and curriculum related to STEAM, 21st Century Skills, outdoor education, and health. Unionville was named an Indiana Department of Education Certified STEM school in 2019.